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In our picturesque holiday home in Entre Ríos you can book an individual unique vacation on our property. Our family farms most of the land belonging to the estate. About 120 acres are grazing meadows for our cattle and horses. Your closest neighbors, about 2km away, will be the horses on our meadows and us in our ranch house.

Anche se si trascina facilmente a Casanov nel numero di amanti della tua vita (e chi vieterà chiunque!), Non vale la pena parlarne agli uomini a flirt. Innanzitutto, lascialo indovinare Italia-Farmacia dopo un sesso tempestoso, quando gli mostri tutte le abilità. In secondo luogo, le parole sui risultati intimi possono fare un’impressione su di te come una ragazza di comportamento facile. Si, non lo è. Ma l’uomo non capisce tutte le sfumature. Quindi è meglio non rischiare.

The charming and welcoming holiday house is built in a modern bungalow style with rustic elements and is framed by two big shade-giving olive trees. The stone walls emphasize the rural character of the house and provide a pleasant climate inside, where spacious comfortable rooms will welcome you.

Pleasant comfort – amidst the idyllic vastness of South America

The large well equipped kitchen will also make a longer stay a pleasure. Since Argentinians love spending time outdoors there are several possibilities to relax and spend delightful moments in the garden.

Like the covered grill spot where up to 20 people can enjoy eating and drinking at the large table in every weather. Should it get colder, there is an open fireplace in the living room that quickly and provides a natural cozy warmth.

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