2400 mg | Extra-Strength ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™

2400 mg | Extra-Strength ABSC Pure Organic CBD Oil™

100lbs+ or Dosage Increases 2400 of CBD concentration in 30mL container

Proprietary Premium Tincture from Colorado Hemp Oil

  • Led by Food And Drug Administration criteria and scientifically proven become safe and nontoxic for dogs
  • Made from our proprietary hemp plant bred designed for veterinary usage, without any psychoactive impact from THC
  • Rigorously tested organic item
  • No pesticides, fungicides or herbicides utilized

Baseline Dosage for dogs bigger than 100 pounds (round up)

CBD density: 80 mg/mL

Provide twice a time, straight into mouth

We now have discovered from our pet owners that Baseline Dosage is enough for 70 percent of cases. When your animal will not react, you might increase dosage by up to 5x Baseline Dosage. This will be comparable to the total amount utilized in the Clinical studies we sponsored at Colorado State University CVMBS.

For intractable instances, pet owners have actually increased up to 10X Baseline Dosage (in line with what is being considered in a Dosage Escalation test) . For those instances, please review the Extra-Strength Dosage tab.

Extra-Strength Dosage (round up)

CBD thickness: 80 mg/mL

Offer twice a directly into mouth day

Please utilize the under recommendations

12 reviews for X-Strength CBD Oil (100lbs+)

Ashley G – 14, 2019 february

I will be so happy i came across ABS. Our PT veterinarian actually provided us two to analyze and just had yours and something other to recommend bc regarding the evaluation being carried out for each. I will be so glad she did! i really feel it has aided both my dogs. Yes you can easily share the given information, and photo- other things you’ll need. I’ve quite a bit of images of these, inform me if you’d like another? I actually do concur the blasto info/side from it is intriguing and it is thought by me really has aided Cass because he has not lost their appetite and honestly, any power, during their battle along with it. This really is a vomiting that kills dogs in which he has only one time had a flare up and also then, he was had by me from the 2400mg in which he recovered in a day with rimydal added in.

Barbara Fuglsang (verified owner) – May 31, 2019

Simply started making use of this. Waiting around for feedback.

Ashley G. owner that is(verified – June 20, 2019

Prices is high, but worth every penny. The energy appears to be effective for my two dogs whom require the X-Strength. You have IVDD and had been paralyzed, has restored and I also think it has assisted his pain in addition to their anxiety, one other has blastomycosis and has now assisted source cbd oil his appetite for an illness that is notorious for anorexia.

Anonymous owner that is(verified – June 25, 2019

Theresa owner that is(verified – July 6, 2019

I feel confident when you look at the quality for the item and appreciate the dosing for my giant breed is effortlessly calculated he is getting the appropriate dose so I can be assured. I originally started the CBD oil so as to reduce my Newfoundland’s seizure medication after reading concerning the scholarly study with Colorado State Veterinary Medicine and ABSC’s CBD oil. After providing him the CBD oil for a couple of months we have now paid down his medication and then he happens to be during the cheapest dosage of seizure medicine he has got been on in over a couple of years. I shall continue steadily to gradually lower their medicine and ideally remove all of it together as long as he will continue to remain seizure free. In addition, I am able to genuinely state we now have seen a difference that is huge his task degree since starting the oil as well as their veterinarian commented on simply how much better he had been going. I will be therefore pleasantly happy with the outcomes up to now and would highly recommend the product with other pet owners.

Amy B. (verified owner) – July 23, 2019

Barbara Fuglsang (verified owner) – July 25, 2019

simply want it absolutely wasn’t so high priced

Christina H. (verified owner) – July 28, 2019

My 13 12 months puppy that is old moved from having seizures, no appetite and not enough power, to very little seizures, regained her appetite and wanting to chase squirrels once more. To be 13 years of age, i will be delighted to see her back again to having security and passion in only a couple of weeks. Many thanks for the studies and development also to our veterinarian, Dr. Brooke Mowdy for learning regarding the study and suggesting ABSC. We have been most appreciative.

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